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American Perlite - Quality and Grade of Ore 


Our Perlite ore is the preferred choice of input material  by many Perlite Expanders.

Our raw ore  is one of the only perlite ores in the world that can produce Large hydroponic grade expanded  perlite particles: [over 30% plus 4 mesh] 

  • Excellent  for drainage and hydroponic grow operations: 

  • When our ore is expanded it can make multiple grades of expanded perlite including:

  • Microspheres (smallest grade available)

  • Industrial grades

  • Environments grades

  • All  horticulture grades: from seedling applications all the way up to large hydroponic grow ops.

  • Industrial Grade


We are the preferred supplier of raw material to perlite plants in  Southern and Northern California.

  • We can ship product anywhere

  • Shipping and pickup at the mine

          By arrangement only

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