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The Perlite Mine


We are a Perlite Mine Located in Big Pine California. Our Mine started out millions of of years ago when Volcanoes emitted the material that later formed the volcanic Rock Perlite.




Our mining operations use the latest environment friendly tools and restoration techniques.


We mine and crush the raw rock for sale and distribution to Expanders who transform the ore into: Expanded Perlite.

A Historical View

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Our Product
Raw Perlite Ore

Perlite is a naturally-occurring siliceous rock.

The crude rock may range from transparent light gray: To glossy gray.

  • The Raw Perlite Rock as we mine it

                             Raw Perlite Ore

Our Final Product is the: Crushed Perlite Ore The ore we produce at American Perlite Is one of a kind and sought after by many perlite expanders.

                            Crushed Perlite Ore 


Our Perlite Ore - Products:
AP-10 Corse Grade Perlite
Horticulture Grade
AP-08 Small Grade P